+ Can I use your creations/writing on my site?

To license or use my writing, please reach out to me at hello@esthernjeri.com. Kindly include the following information; what you are interested in using, where and for what purpose. Kindly do not use the material until a response is given.

However most of my creations are available for personal use. Kindly refer to our copyright policy to understand what this means.

+ What tools do you use?

Most of my creations involve a combination of tools. Digital tools involve – an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The apps I use the most are Procreate, Canva, Keynote and Good Notes 5. Analog products are just a pen/pencil and a notebook.

+ Can you review my work?

Yes! I would love to. The cost would vary depending on the amount of work you would like me to review and the time available. Kindly reach out to me.

+ Can you create something custom for me?

Sure! Email me with what you would like me to create ie; website, planner, logo etc.

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